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Matilde di Shabran
« on: December 12, 2007, 02:01:19 PM »
I just received this recording

In addition to being the only good integral recording of this not-so-popular Rossini opera, it's a live performance with Flórez and Massis. What are you waiting for?

The two main characters are a reason alone to listen to this recording. I don't think I need to defend Flórez's reputation... Massis is an incredibly talented soprano. You really have to hear her trill runs, particularly in the cabaletta that ends the opera. I don't have -that- much experience, but it's the first time i hear a singer that combines the well-defined trill runs of Bartoli with a softer, less harsh voice.

A few points : this is a live recording for the Pesaro festival. Expect a bit of applause at the end of large ensembles (nothing annoying, rest assured). I don't remember hearing any coughing or anything of the sort. Sometimes you're gonna hear some stage noise... but give it a rest, these guys have to act. Also, the other characters (besides Massis and Florez) range from good to mediocre; however the main pair is so good in general that you end up not caring too much about the others.
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