Some of my music...pop and "classical"

Started by Jaxamillian, January 05, 2008, 02:46:35 PM

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Hi all.  I value all of your guys opinions on music and so I thought I would post some of my own to get an extra ear.  As writers and performers you know how difficult it is to be objective with your own stuff after hearing it so many times.

Prelude 31: I called this prelude 31 because I was inspired by the simplistic beauty of Bach's prelude in CM, and the main motif is continued use of a minor third-minor second interval.  (3 half steps-1 half step).

Stranger: Pop rock song harmonically inspired by the crazy "by thirds" key changes of Giant Steps- I'm not sure about this one, I think it might tend to ramble?

Waltz for Tod: Playing around with a waltz feel...

To a Love Unknown: Cheesy love song.

I look forward to hearing what you think.