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Started by Harry, January 08, 2008, 01:08:57 AM

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A friend brought 2 more recordings of the Brahms over: Bowyer's and Ghielmi's. The Bowyer is quick, but each voice so beautifully recorded, hard to fault- another worthy choice.


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Quote from: Mandryka on January 21, 2023, 06:18:04 AMA little bit of Titelouze . . . . on a gorgeous little reed organ!

Thanks, very beautiful and introvert expressive (and of course no fuss with the registrations), much like his similarly introvert clavichord recording of Hexachordum Apollinis.
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"Organ stops, saving the king of instruments"

Came across this documentary randomly last night on the BBC Iplayer, heart-breaking and heart-warming in equal measures, through the passion of this organ "rescuer". A good watch for those who can access it. Interesting to see the "innards" of organ for a newbie like me.

Description: Narrated by organ enthusiast Huw Edwards, Organ Stops follows a handful of eccentric devotees rescuing and restoring abandoned pipe organs from closing churches. As Martin Renshaw trawls churches for hidden gems in the form of precious instruments, he meets people like 95-year-old organist Blanche Beer, whose long life has been shaped by music and community.

In a Durham church, a wonderful organ is discovered that becomes the redemptive story at the heart of the film. The organ is saved and lovingly restored, becoming the musical heart of a vibrant church in London.

A poignant documentary about loss and rebirth, and the role music plays in our lives.

PS: You can rent the documentary on Vimeo:

PPS: For the UK viewers, it is a slightly odd hearing Huw Edwards (for non-UK, a famous BBC news presenter) narrating parts of the documentary. It turns out he is a keen organist himself and vice-president of the National Churches trust. Here is his article on his passion for organ and the works on churches and saving organs:


Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen