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Started by Justin Ignaz Franz Bieber, April 25, 2007, 08:24:54 PM

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Justin Ignaz Franz Bieber

for choral music:

for instrumental music:

they both look like wikipedia, & I think they're like wikipedia in that everything on there seems to be in the public domain. the first one has lots of scores & it looks like the 2nd one might be older because it doesn't seem to have so many. i for one sometimes try to follow along to a piece i really like. anyway have at it everybody!
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Good of you to start this thread. :)

Copying urls over to here would be too tiresome so I'm not copying the entire post but here is a link to my post on this subject on the old GMG.


Also, there's an IMSLP thread (it's over here, on the new GMG, not the old site).