What's Smyslov Singing?

Started by JoshLilly, April 26, 2007, 06:08:25 AM

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Chess World Champion Vassily Smyslov (you can see his picture at left) came close to becoming a professional singer at the Bolshoi rather than a chess titan. Here he is singing. Not sure what, though. I've always wondered.

Larry Rinkel

Very familiar, I think it's the Elegie Op. 10/5 by Jules Massenet. But I'm away from home and will have to wait for this evening to pin it down.


Wow, nice answer! That's it!! Thanks a bunch! I've been curious about this for a few years now.

I wonder who wrote the words, and what they are; and who orchestrated it. The piece appears to be for solo piano. I've never heard anything by Massnet before that I liked, but the solo piano version of that (of which I've now heard a 1 minute sample on amazon.com) sounds gorgeous.