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I wanted to put this in the main discussion forum because I really wanted to get to the bottom of this topic and really discuss it.  But since it has that slight 'beginner-ness' question color to it, I thought to put it here just in case.


All about them.

Almost every piece of music has them.  So what are they exactly?  Questions in short form to make things easier.  Some discussion would be great too!

- What is the idea behind a 'movement'?  How have ideas changed from Bach's time to today? 

- Number of movements: What happened in Mozart's time that only allowed for 3-4 mvts. whereas now we can have up to 10+?

- What about all that follows the first mvt?  How are the second, third and forth movements related to the first?  Are they connected?  Or is every mvt supposed to be on it's own?