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I purchased this just yesterday, GODFLESH NEW FLESH in dub vol. 1, it's really good, what is Dub, don't have a clue remix, rehashed song, this release is new and very good not just for GODFLESH long time fan but noobs should dig it, it loud , guitar and bass laden, groovy, eclectic art rock/industrial/metal.

Really nice mister Justin Broadrick & Benny Green, quite inventive, real like it a lot, but when it's godflesh i am so bias , so make your own mind about it, listen to it buy it.

Have a nice day folks

I just received my SKIN LIMIT SHOW  ''wound freeze'' from Austria Lethal label love it, very  in you're face ,  make ministry sound like you're 14 yrs old gothic sister  discovering industrial, SKIN LIMIT SHOW is the real deal Wound Freeze is super!!!

71 dB:
The Blu-ray of my BIG order:

k a rl h e nn i ng:
Gerald Casale of Devo on Phil & Ted's Sexy Boomer Show Part 1

Gerald Casale of Devo on Phil & Ted's Sexy Boomer Show Part 2

Spotted Horses:
My main personal-use laptop, a 13" MacBook Pro, is turning 9 years old. Still works just fine, but I feel like treating myself with something more up-to-date. Placed an order for the just-released 14" MacBook Pro, after being tempted by a black-friday/cyber-monday deal offering $200 off the base model.

I've been waiting for this product. Last years MacBooks with the M1 processor dispensed with some "obsolete" features (that many people don't consider obsolete) in the quest for a thinner, lighter configuration. This year Apple took note of criticism and the new MacBook models restore the MagSafe power connector, SD card reader, HDMI connector. More computing power than I need (I won't be using the advanced video processing) but a gorgeous, very high resolution display will be a big plus when looking at my photographs.


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