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Avant Garde Project torrent 58 is up and running
« on: April 27, 2007, 01:33:02 PM »
AGP58 collects works by Pauline Oliveros, Lucia Dlugoszewski, Ben Johnston, and Toshi Ichyanagi from five LPs released by American labels in the 1970s. Oliveros is represented by a live electronic composition (I of IV) a choral work (Sound Patterns) and work for flute, percussion, and string bass (Outline). The two compositions by Dlugoszewski are for chamber ensembles. Ben Johnston's Casta Bertram is for string bass and other nonsense (see notes), and was discovered in my stacks after the release of AGP9. Ichyanagi's Extended Voices is from an Odyssey LP of that name that also features John Cage's Solos for Voice 2 from AGP56 and Oliveros' Sound Patterns.

Check it out at: