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Mike and I were having a conversation about this singer this morning, after watching some performances on youtube below: Don Carlo Faust - Boris

I think he sounds quite similar to Christoff, who I love, although less so I think in the final video here.

He seems to have few appearance on record - I can't find decent CD's anywhere. And since many of you are American, I thought you may have some interesting insights/information (what to buy!)about him, having been at the Met for so long.

Any thoughts?

I don't really think he sounded much like Boris Christoff, but Hines was a wonderful singer.  There are some recordings listed on Amazon, although only some seem to be available new.

There are some references in the Wikipedia article, and the interview with Joseph Shore is very interesting.

Apparently you can download recordings from here:

Hines sang Wotan in the 1960 Ring Cycle from Bayreuth conducted by Kempe. It is, unfortunately, not available in the US.

THanks for this. That mp3 link page contains a most hilarious biography. He will an odd born again Christian.

Do we know he was odd....possibly that is more the epithet for the person writing that cringeworthy biog.



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