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--- Quote from: LKB on May 22, 2022, 06:47:15 AM ---Again, I'll recommend:

It's one of the best accounts of the Pioneer program, particularly the famous missions to Jupiter and Saturn, which paved the way for Voyager.

--- End quote ---

Okay thanks, I saw that above. Will check it out.


--- Quote from: Iota on May 27, 2022, 04:12:02 AM ---Okay thanks, I saw that above. Will check it out.

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Good deal. Hopefully it won't cost you a lot, but even if you have to pay a premium l promise that it's worth it.

The China shock: Germany turns away from its biggest trading partner

--- Quote from: Deutsche Welle ---The "Xinjiang Police Files" document the scale and brutality with which the Chinese state oppresses its mainly Muslim Uyghur minority...

German politicians have expressed shock.
--- End quote ---

I found this, quite a wild find.

Adam Lanza's lost youtube channel:

It's audio only, you can download the videos, and people believe this is really him because the voice matches. Though IMO there is still a chance it isn't, there is a slight difference to me that his voice sounds a little more "human," less robotic than in the radio call.

Radio call

CNN video:

full call:

I only listened to one video- "A few things," where it's just nihilistic talk about how values and meaning are a bad thing, some of the other videos include problems with culture, and apparently according to commenters, his goal was to "save the kids from culture" or something.

"Saudi man charged after Maserati driven down Rome's Spanish Steps "

"Paris museum opens its doors to nudists"

"82 Years Ago, The Crypt Of Civilization Was Sealed"


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