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(: premont :):
Que, here is my list of some HIP recordings, which are played in HIP style on properly restored Northern or German baroque organs. and which do not constitute parts of complete cycles. The number of candidates is small, - almost all uncompromising HIP recordings are parts of integral recordings.

Collections of chiefly choral-free works:

Ton Koopman 6 CD set for Novalis (already recommended by Que).

Rainer Oster 1 CD for Arte Nova on  the Schnitger organ of Sc.Jacobi, Hamburg, (Arte Nova 74321 63644 2).

Stefan Johannes Bleicher  2 CDs for EBS on the Gabler organ in Weigarten and the Holzhey organ in Weissenau respectively.
On the same Holzhey organ he also recorded a Bach-CD for Arte Nova.

Franz Raml  1 CD for Oehms on the Silbermann organ in the Church of the Court, Dresden.

Jean-Charles Ablitzer 2 CDs for Harmonic Records, France on the Treutmann organ, Goslar-Grauhof.

Hubert Meister 1 CD for Motette on the Silbermann organs in Grosshartmannsdorf and Forchheim (contains the triosonates).

Martin Sander 1 CD for Fermate records on the Wagner organ in Trondheim

Matthias Eisenberg and Felix Friedrich 1 CD each (sold as double midprice set) for Capriccio on the Trost organ in Altenburg.

Robert Clark 2 CDs for Calcante on the Hildebrand organ in Naumburg.

Choralbound works:

Rene Saorgin on French Harmonia Mundi.

Clavierübung III:
Edgar Krapp for Berlin Classics on the Wagner organs in Brandenburg and Treuenbrietzen.
Felix Friedrich for Motette on the Trost organ in Altenburg.

The CDs of some of the uncompromising HIP Integrals are sold separately. This is true of the Haenssler cycle, the Weinberger cycle (CPO) and the Kooiman cycle (Coronata).

Premont, thanks for reinstating the Bach Organ Works thread! (btw: it's your thread now! :))

What's more: thanks a bundle for the list, with many items that are new to me and look very intriguing! :)

I'm familiar with a few of the names, but I now really have my work cut out for me! ;D
I didn't know that Kooiman had recorded a cycle - seems interesting.


Anyone knows this one? Comments are welcome! :)


(: premont :):
Yes, I have got it in my listening queue. This is the only part of Foccroulle´s integral, which is available at the moment. Didn´t mention it because I haven´t heard it yet.

(: premont :):

--- Quote from: Que on April 30, 2007, 12:28:50 AM ---Anyone knows this one? Comments are welcome! :)


--- End quote ---

Just did the effort to listen to all of it.

The Gottfried Silbermann organ in the Dom of Freiburg is a most spetacular instrument, and it is much used for Bach-recordings ( Alain, Rübsam, Werner Jacob, Christoph Albrecht, Hans Otto et.c.) . On this recording from 1991 the sound is very clear and present, miking at the right distance to my taste.
Foccroulle´s interpretation is smooth and flowing marked by a high degree of spiritual concentration, meditative when needed, and jubilant when needed. Registrations are scholary with a certain preference for sesquialtera- and cornet-like registrations, which I think, Bach would have approved. Articulation generally scholary detached if not as pointed as Kooiman´s or Weinberger´s.
The 2CD-set contains the 18 Leipzigchorales (the 17 and Vor deinen Thron tret Ich) in a rather casual order (not-BWV). As fillers we also get the Canonic variations and the Preludes and Fugues in c-minor BWV 546 and C-major BWV 547. My only chritisism is, that the c-minor Prelude is a bit rushed, detracting from its momumentality despite the use of 16F in manuals and 32F in the pedal.
All in all though, this set can be strongly recommended.


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