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Dvorak's Cello Concerto

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I think I only have one recording of this treasured work, Rostropovich/Karajan (which I like a lot). Then I became aware today of the recording of Fournier/Szell. Fournier is my favourite cellist, so this one is super-tempting. Has anybody here heard it? What do you think of it? And which are your favourite recordings of this work?

And what about Queyras/Belohlavek?

The Queyras/Belohlavek is fantastic, and the coupling Dumky Trio is also great.  My personal favorite though is here:

The Fournier is extraordinary. One of my top five "desert island discs", for sure, from any genre or style - simply extraordinary playing from everyone involved from first note to last. I have Hornteacher's favorite, and it is absolutely superb - with great modern sound and a beautiful Silent Woods, too - but I just can't bring myself to rate it more highly than Pierre Fournier's recording. Few things are quite so beautiful in life...


The Fournier recording is also top choice for this work in the recently published, '1001 Recordings You Must Hear Before You Die'. I might get it. Even though I've always loved Du Pre's handling of it.

Fournier is easily better than both duPre and Rostropovich (and everyone else) in this work.


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