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Dry Brett Kavanaugh:
Guy de Maupassant. Short Stories.


--- Quote from: Dry Brett Kavanaugh on October 13, 2021, 05:24:08 AM ---Guy de Maupassant. Short Stories.

--- End quote ---

I have always liked the short stories of Maupassant.

Dry Brett Kavanaugh:

--- Quote from: aligreto on October 13, 2021, 06:06:14 AM ---I have always liked the short stories of Maupassant.

--- End quote ---

Yes they are colorful and dark!

Balzac: The Country Doctor

That image could be anything but I wanted to show the appealing binding.

This book is delivered in two sections. The first section is a treatise by the Country Doctor on the creation, maintenance and development of both a society and an economy. The second section is an autobiography by the Country Doctor and it explains how and why he came upon his formula for a better life. Added to this there is, in musical terms, a very fine coda to round things off with a sting in the tail.

Dry Brett Kavanaugh:
Daughters of the Vicar, by D. H. Lawrence


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