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Peter Maxwell Davies (1934-2016)

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--- Quote from: Hector on May 03, 2007, 04:56:29 AM ---The man's an idiot, Master of the Queen's Musick and an idiot. Oh, I already said that.

Can't say it enough times though: the man & his music is/are an/a idiot. Avoid! >:D

--- End quote ---
WOW strong words...I happen to enjoy Max....Any facts to back-up this harsh statement. The only IDIOT I have come in contact with was Dostoevsky's brainchild....

Even PMD's supposedly lesser works like the Naxos Quartets, which rveal more and more on each listen, are serious, powerful, imaginative and rich enough statements to make most contemporary composers embarrassed. His best ones are really beacons of the late 20th century rep. - literally so in the case of a masterpiece like The Lighthouse, quite simply the best opera of its sort I've ever heard.

Any composer who can 1) eat the Queen's swans and 2) write an opera (Resurrection) incorporating silent film chase music, catwalk cocktail jazz, mock-Elgar patriotism, Dixon of Dock Green close harmony whistling, apocalyptic Jesus army songs, Straussian imitations of squeaking condoms and flatulence and a winding-down 78 of Maggie Thatcher a la Clara Butt (just ofr starters) gets my vote.

He ate the Queen's swans?  Don't they have animal protection society in Groit Britain?  8)

I may be wrong, but I think all swans are the Queen's, technically. Something on those lines, anyway. Also a protected species, I suspect. And Max, newly installed as a (Republican ;D) Master of Liz's Music[k] finding a dead swan near his house, took it home for the pot. And promptly got in trouble of some sort.

Ah, yes, here you are: Swangate

More Googling reveals that I was close with my first sentence: swans with unmarked beaks belong to the Queen, apparently, and are in general a protected species in this septic isle of Groit Britain [ ;D sic]:

--- Quote from: BBC ---The Crown retains the right to ownership of all unmarked mute swans in open waters but the Queen only exercises her right on stretches of the Thames and its surrounding tributaries.
--- End quote ---

not edward:
PMD is one of those composers I've never managed to get into. The Songs for a Mad King always seemed too hectoring and over-the-top for home listening (though I bet it's astonishing live). I think the only other major works I have recordings of are the Violin Concerto (have the Stern recording and find the piece only intermittently inspiring) and the 5th symphony--of which I can remember nothing.

I'll give the symphony a spin tonight.


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