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To sidestep some postings on the listening thread: here is the one and only thread on music for the lute.
Oh yes, mind that this includes the theorbo, which is a certain type of lute, and the vihuela, a predecessor of the guitar.

Recommendations of repertoire, lutenists, (on line) recources, and of course lute recordings are welcome!

My contribution will be modest, I'm just a beginner in lute recordings.

For Bach, Lutz Kirchof:


I have Bach's works for lute played by Junghänel (2 CD, HARMONIA MUNDI).

To me, Weiss is not inferior to Bach, regarding their lute music. They were contemporary, since Weiss lived between 1686 and 1750. My favorite piece of Weiss is Le Tombeau sur la mort do Conte de Logy, a very austere but also very impressive work. It reminds me of the Tombeaux composed by Froberger to the harpsichord.

I am very busily and happily collecting the Weiss sonatas series on Naxos, featuring the extraordinary performer Robert Barto (I think his custom instrument has 13 strings). Frequently I listen to a sonata right before sleep to help clear my mind out from the stress of the day.  :)

When Naxos finishes recording Dowland's lute music, I may purchase the set if it is released in box form.

So glad you started this thread.  :)  I love the lute, much more than the guitar in fact; unlike the latter instrument, I could listen to lute music just about all day.

Blow, John - Awake My Lyre w/ Redbyrd & Parley of Instruments - theobro part of the group!
Dowland, John - Lute Works w/ Paul O'Dette - box set of 5 discs which I don't own, but have 3 of the CDs!
Kapsberger, Giovanni Lute Pieces w/ the wonderful Paul O'Dette yet again -  :D
O'Dette, Paul - Robin Hood... - Elizabethan ballads et al (plenty of O'Dette options)!
Vivaldi, Antonio - Lute & Mandolin Music w/ O'Dette & Parley of Instruments.
Wilson, Christopher - Vihuela Music of Spanish Renaissance - just to add another early string instrument!

Vihuela Information, if interested; actually, I thought that my collection had MORE lute discs; of course, there is a lot of lute playing in many of the Renaissance and adjoining periods CDs - looking forward to more recommendations!  :)




The new erato:
This is a stunning recording (about the best sound I've ever heard) of some melodious, finely wrought music:

I have it in its previous incarnation on now defunct fnac music.


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