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Dry Brett Kavanaugh:
Enjoying Castaldi’s music of two theorbos.

Cross post from the Listening Thread:

John Dowland: Complete Lute Works [O’Dette] CD1

The music is always creative, engaging and entertaining. The playing is always lyrical, assured and refined. The instrument sounds wonderfully mellow and full toned and it is recorded in a very benign acoustic.

Addendum: Aside from the wonderful music and playing CD 1 introduced me to the wonderfully sounding orpharion, an instrument which sounds as intriguing as it looks.

Question: Has Bach's WTC ever been done on lute or theorbo?

Now, I own plenty of JS Bach on lute, theorbo, guitar, etc., but usually the Sonatas/Partitas or Cello Suites (e.g. I have the 4-CD set of Nigel North doing the works mentioned on lute), and I believe certain Fugues or Preludes from the WTC have been transcribed, but has anyone recorded the two books partially or in their entirety?  Just curious if those works are as adaptable to string instruments vs. the others?  Thanks for any comments - Dave :)


This has been getting a huge amount of airtime at Mandryka Towers. I noticed that the music starts to really take off in pieces by Daniel Bacheler, so I was real happy to see that Paul O’Dette has a whole CD of his music

Also, being so impressed by Lord Cherbery, I thought I’d better explore the honorable peer s bit more, and found this rather nice CD - I remember now when it came out in fact


--- Quote from: Mandryka on December 10, 2021, 09:45:43 AM ---i noticed that you were listening to O’Dette’s Dowland, which I’ve never paid much attention to, despite appreciating O’Dette in Italian music. However your post led me to explore his music on record a bit more widely, and I found this really enjoyable anthology CD


I don’t know who Lord Herbert of Cherbury was, but judging by his discerning and broad taste in music, he was a jolly good chap. And the CD made me realise that there was a Gaultier who I must explore more: Jacques.

--- End quote ---

The Cherbury disc is included in the 5-CD box of O'Dette recordings inserted above - own a couple more discs of him, but my 'Complete Dowland' is a 4-disc set on Naxos w/ Nigel North.  Dave :)


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