Don's Trip to Europe (and a real lot of pics from Poland)

Started by Maciek, May 02, 2007, 02:51:23 PM

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Quote from: MrOsa on May 04, 2007, 06:02:28 AM
Oh, yes, please, please do. I'll show them to my sister in law who is mad about Alaska. (But do post the others as well, not just Alaska ;).) BTW, I envy your equipment, if I may say so... 0:) (Not that the names really mean anything to me - I just envy the fact that you have so much of it. ;D)

Are you referring to the cameras? The thing about these old cameras is that you are really limited to amount of shots. The Graflex I have will only shoot 6 photos before I have to go into a dark place to reload film into the individual film holders. It is quite a pain in the arse, but if it was good enough for Ansel Adams, I guess it is good enough for me. You just have to really think about what you are shooting before you do so.

I have a brick of 120 film to shoot on the holga. At least I get about 10-12 shots with that one.



Thank you very much for these pictures and information. I'm sure we will go there some day, as my wife really liked those sceneries. I'm also surprised that you could even hear some bears in the nearby valley. That doesn't even happen often in Norway (except for Svalbard where there are 3000 polar bears). How poisonous is that viper snake?

But my next visit will be for a few days to Crakow in June, and I think 1 day shopping some CD's in Warszawa.
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Sorry, forgot to answer your questions...

Quote from: rubio on May 04, 2007, 09:06:22 AM
I'm also surprised that you could even hear some bears in the nearby valley.

Actually we didn't hear the bears (or did we? ;)) - we were simply told by the locals that there were two bears roaming around there. Some of the people said it wasn't much of a problem and that we could safely go there anyway but others advised against it, and we finally decided that there was too much to see anyway (considering the number of days we had). We only heard the deer. But the noise they make is a sort of roaring sound, so we imagined the bears might sound similar... ???

How poisonous is that viper snake?

According to what we've read, there's no reason for concern if a healthy grownup gets bitten - he may not feel very well afterwards but he should live through it. However, it can be deadly for children and the elderly, and also for people with heart conditions. It is advised to take the serum in all cases...



Quote from: MrOsa on May 03, 2007, 04:58:43 AM

And today, while browsing for some info on the Wroclaw Market Square, I learnt from wikipedia that the Cracow Market Square is the largest medieval market square in Europe! :o


Lilas Pastia

Very nice pic, Maciek! Last year I visited Maastricht and was very impressed by the town's Market Square. As luck would have it, it was market day, and it was so full of people that one couldn't embrace it all at once. But large it was. We don't have that here in North America :-\


Thanks, André! Unfortunately, I didn't take it - just stole a link from wikipedia commons...


(Guess you could say I did take it. I took it from wikipedia commons. Ha ha ha.)