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I'll snag this thread to honor one of my all time favorites: Antonin Dvorak

Here's his Wikipedia Entry:

Here's a great book on Dvorak with CDs included!

My Personal Dvorak Dozen

1 - Symphony 9 "New World"
2 - Cello Concerto
3 - Symphony 8
4 - String Quartet 12 "American"
5 - Piano Quintet Op 81
6 - Symphony 7
7 - Serenade for Winds Op 44
8 - Slavonic Dances Op 46
9 - Violin Concerto
10 - String Quintet Op 97
11 - String Serenade Op 22
12 - Carnival Overture

My Favorite Dvorak CD

My 2nd Favorite Dvorak CD

Welcome all Dvorak fans to the Dvorak Den!

Count me in dear friend, a avid collector of Dvoraks music! ;D


--- Quote from: Harry on April 07, 2007, 05:44:05 AM ---Count me in dear friend, a avid collector of Dvoraks music! ;D

--- End quote ---

I feel the love already.   8)

Gurn Blanston:
With the sole exception of the solo piano music, I have the complete works of Dvorak. My list resembles hornteacher's in most ways, excepting the 9th symphony not being atop. IMO, the 6th, 7th and 8th are superior, but hey, that's just me.

In any case, the chamber music must occupy most of the top positions. And little pieces are as good as large ones. Try the bagatelles for strings for example. The "Dvorak Miniatures" disk on Supraphon (SU 3391-2) by the Panocha Quartet is a treasure trove of beautiful little works. Highly recommended!  :)



1. Cello concerto
2. The Water Goblin
3. Symphony no.7
4. The Noon Witch
5. Piano trio no.4
6. String quartet no.13
7. String serenade*
8. Symphony no.6
9. Symphony no.8
10. The Wood Dove
11. Stabat Mater
12. Piano quintet, op.81

Need to buy more chamber discs. At the moment my favourite is this one:

*I think Diegobueno recommended me this as being similar to the Tchaikovsky one - it's super.


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