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im only starting to touch the scrap of what is the magnificent, complex, and wonderful world of classical music. i really lack most  knowledge about classical music and the many composers, so i want to ask for some suggestions :)
two works that i really liked up until now is : Le Tombeau de Coup by Maurice Ravel and Petrushka by Igor Stravinsky. i also like some "archaic" music, like Bach Berndenburg Concerto 2 (movement 3 especially) but the two pieces i mentioned above are so far my favorites.
can you please recommend me on some music that sound like, or resmemble, or uses the same style of these two pieces? (Le Tombeau de Coup and Petrushka)
thank you very much :)
(p.s, sorry for the loose language in the post, english is not my native tongue)

The other two "big" ballet pieces by Stravinsky are the "Firebird" and the "Rite of Spring".  You could start there.  Copland's "Appalachian Spring" is also a great starter choice.

Holst's "The Planets" is usually a big hit with newcommers.

For the Romantics try Dvorak's last three symphonies (7, 8, and 9), Brahms' 1st, and (if you want to go a bit earlier) pretty much anything by Beethoven.

For the Baroque and pre-Beethoven Classical composers try all six of the Brandenburgs, Mozart's Clarinet Concerto, and any of Haydn's last 12 symphonies (#s 93-104).  If you like the trumpet in the 2nd Brandenburg, you may also like the Haydn Trumpet Concerto.


--- Quote from: hornteacher on May 05, 2007, 06:54:31 PM ---Brahms' 1st,

--- End quote ---
Odd, why the 1st? Otherwise good summary list.

FarFromAbyss, I'd really recommend looking into other stuff by Stravinsky, first of all. Also you may be interested (based on Tombeau) in some modern reworkings of older music; this is sometimes called "neoclassical" and although I don't know much about it I think Panufnik and Hindemith are two guys who have done similar things. Maybe someone else will help.

Oh, and Ravel is wonderful. There is so much to enjoy!

As you mentioned one favourite among newcomers, I'd add another- Tschaikovsky. While his symphonies might not be a good introduction, I'd try his piano concertos. Particularily the 1st, but the second as well. Some other favourites...

Tschaikovsky, Piano Concertos Nos. 1, 2
Beethoven Piano Concertos, 4 and 5
Dvorak Violin Concerto in B minor
Paganini - Any of the violin concertos (get a good set with Perlman)
    -trust me, you haven't heard virtuoso violin until you've heard these!

Brahms, Symphony #4
Beethoven, Symphonies (3,6,7,9)
Schubert Symphony No. 8 ('unfinished')
Shostakovich, Symphony No. 15
Mozart, Symphony #41 ('Jupiter')


Mozart, The Horn Concerti
Beethoven, the Op. 110 Sonatas
Shostakovich, The String Quartets
Schubert, 'Death and the Maiden'
Chopin, Polonaise in A Flat Major ('heroic')
Debussy, Images, Clair de lune

71 dB:
From Ravel's piano music I would go to Granados's and Keith Jarrett's piano music. The latter is classified jazz but who cares?


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