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Started by Harry, June 23, 2007, 08:46:08 AM

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"hip-hop"?  No, no, no, no, no . . .   ???

(Bruckner's) is the career of a poor village boy ... The one and only really surprising thing about him was that after completing his career as an organist he suddenly began to compose music with a range of vision which in such a man would appear quite incongruous.


Listening now:


Jesn-Baptiste Lully's final completed opera, a masterpiece.
Minkowski's conducting is perhaps a bit brisk, but energetic and characterful.
Casting is luxurious with Jean-Paul Fouchécourt, Véronique Gens, Howard Crook and others.
The only game in town, but a very satisfactory one!  :)


The new erato

The one set that got me seriously into Lully.


I guess "A Lully opera each day, keeps the doctor away"....  :D


Another very successful recording with a good cast, even though Herreweghe's energy level is rather moderate.
I haven't heard Rousset's recent recording... yet.