Augustyn Bloch (1929-2006)

Started by Maciek, May 07, 2007, 02:41:26 PM

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Another truly amazing composer who deserves to be known better. ProViva actually released quite a lot of his stuff, first on LP (I have 3 or 4 of those) and then on CD (I have 1) but apparently they're not easy to get. And the fact that he gets easily confused with another composer probably doesn't help either (though I've never heard anyone complaining about the many Bachs... 0:)).

How can I describe his music? I'd say he is a sort of more stable Penderecki. A Penderecki who never went through the extreme phases - he was never an extreme experimentalist nor ever an extreme romanticist. However I do feel there's a slight similarity in style - Bloch is at once modern (the material) and conservative (the form). And he has also written several operas and oratorios.

My favorite of his pieces is Anenaiki for mixed chorus. It starts with an amazing sound of the sopranos and altos singing at a semitone interval and the piece sort of develops from that motive. It is very atmospheric and one of the most beautiful modern choral pieces I've ever heard. It's available on this CD (I have the same performance in an LP incarnation):

I also like his solo organ works very much (I have an LP of them). But then I like practically everything he wrote. His chamber works have been collected on this CD (again, I have it on LP), and they are all great:

The oratorios are usually wonderful. Some more of them are on that only CD of his that I have:

I feel I may be speaking into a void (as usual ::) ;D) but maybe this time there's someone out there who has actually heard of Augustyn Bloch or heard any of his music? 8)



QuoteI feel I may be speaking into a void (as usual Roll Eyes Grin) but maybe this time there's someone out there who has actually heard of Augustyn Bloch or heard any of his music?

I heard his violin concerto "Dialoghi", but to be honest, can't recall it to my mind. Have to listen to it again. (The Concerto festivo by Lason on the other hand is a very good piece which I like too. But my favourite Polish violin concerto from 20th century is the 2nd Bacewicz, 1st K.Meyer and a bit off the common road Ratusinska.)


Yeah, I remember you mentioning the Ratusinska - I'm still on the lookout for it. I'm sure I'll get to hear it some time soon. And the Meyer 1st is one of my favorites too!

As for the Bloch VC, I've never heard it, unfortunately... :'(


Bloch died on this day exactly 3 years ago. Thought I'd give the thread a bump...



Hm, I don't think so. :-\ There is a piano trio though (1992). :) As well as a clarinet quintet (Musica per clarinetto e quattro archi, 1984-85) and a violin + cello duo (1986). That last one is available on the "Chamber Music" CD, not sure about the existece of recordings of the other pieces.