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One of my personal favorite composers. The epitome of Romanticism, perhaps, and I love him for it. The piano works in particular strike a chord with me:

Carnaval, Fantasiestücke, Davidsbündlertänze, the Fantasie, Kreisleriana, Symphonic Etudes, Waldszenen, Kinderszenen, the Novelettes, Gesänge der Frühe, Concert sans orchestre, the F# minor piano sonata, the G minor piano sonata, etc. etc. etc.

What wonderful music this madman left the world! I haven't even mentioned his orchestral, chamber, and vocal music -- all of which is superb. Schumann is a master of contrast and emotional extremes. What are some of your favorites?

His Symphonies, and SQ, and of course his piano music. Schumann has not composed that many things I dislike.
He is much under valued, I think, and without reason.


The earlier piano music, the chamber music (G minor piano trio is a personal favourite) and - why are they always forgotten - his LIEDER! Of which I've always fallen for the hackneyed op 39 above all (now that is the absolute epitome of verdant forest-Romanticism at its finest), but there are many other stunners too, of course.

Gurn Blanston:
Like with many other composers, I think the chamber works are grossly undervalued. The string quartets, of course, but the piano trios (try the BAT disk), piano quartet and quintet, and the violin sonatas, which are hidden gems. It goes without saying that the solo piano works are the piéce de resistance, but there is so much more to Schumann than that! :)



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