My Piano Music of the last year, come in and hear :-)

Started by mbrylka, May 09, 2007, 01:07:51 PM

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Hallo together,

i´d like to invite you to my new Homepage with my music (piano solo) and the songs of my wife and would like to get some critics or something else about my music, the songs and the page.

Two years ago i was a member here and my Pseudonym was "Pettsson", i am the webmaster of the "International Allan Pettersson Society" in Germany, some of you will remember i think.

The link i would like to invite you is:

Markus Brylka


Here is the direct link to the piano music

And for those of you who like voice and piano here is the second link to the songs of Cordula.

Cordula and me are ""



i listen to all the piano pieces.

first of all, the web page is sweet- and i like how the music instantly plays RIGHT THERE when you click on it. NICE  8)

but....... to be honest, the music wasn't that great. It sounds like you come across an interesting idea every now and then but you do nothing with it and go off into something else, leaving that idea in the cold, totally undeveloped.

also, it sounds like you rely too much on a left hand: chords + right hand: melody formula. It's too much of the left hand playing supporting chords in what sounds like half notes, and this can get tedious after all. You have to think more in terms of lines, i guess.