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Rare LP sell on ebay - extended to August 10th!
« on: July 17, 2008, 11:13:52 PM »

I am right now selling several rare LPs which I collected due to my research on 20th century violin concertos. Most of them are real gems and you can find for example recordings of the violin concertos by the following:

Victor Khodyashev (*1918)

Mihovil Logar (1902-1998)

Arno Babadjanian (1921-1983)

Nicolae Brindus (*1935)

and also recordings by Taktakishvili, Igor Shamo, Zdenek Sestak, Lubor Barta, Stepan Lucky, Branimir Sakac, Josef Matej, Vladislav Uspensky, and others more.

Check out of of the sites above and click on "View seller's other items" to see all other items.

Thanks and best!

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Re: Rare LP sell on ebay till 27-July-2008
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2008, 03:30:14 AM »
The auctions will still run for the next three days and there are some bargains for 1 US$!
So if you are interested in the following recordings, check out the mentioned websites:

Ludmila Frajt (1919-): Pesme Rastanke (Songs of departure), for chorus (11’38’’)
Vojin Komadina (1933-1997): Three miniatures, for chorus (4’07’’)
Branimir Sakac (1918-1979): Omaggio – Canto dalla commedia, for violin and chorus (18’17’’)
ebay auction

Harold Schiffman (1928-): Chamber concertino, for piano and chamber wind ensemble (13’06’’)
Salvador Brotons (1959-): Sinfonietta da camera, for wind ensemble (16’19’’)
Alexandre Rudajev (1935-): Double concerto for violin, oboe and chamber wind ensemble (18’47’’)
ebay auction

Vladislav Uspensky (1937-): Music for violin and small orchestra (10’54’’)
Vladislav Uspensky (1937-): Music for stringed and percussion instruments (13’41’’)
Vladislav Uspensky (1937-): Six musical moods, for orchestra (17’00’’)
ebay auction

Josef Matej (1922-1992): Violin concerto (31’31’’)
Otmar Macha (1922-): Sinfonietta No.2 “At vzejdou veci nove”, for orchestra (19’12’’)
ebay auction

Andrei Petrov (1930-2006): Gypsy rhapsody, for violin and orchestra (5’37’’)
Lev Smirnov (1932-): Cygnus, for violin and orchestra (3’32’’)
Boris Glybovskiy (1935-): Caprice, for violin and orchestra (2’29’’)
Otar Taktakishvili (1924-1989): Violin concerto in F minor (32’35’’)
ebay auction

Miklos Rozsa (1907-1995): Concerto for string orchestra op.17 (23’30’’)
Miklos Rozsa (1907-1995): Kaleidoscope op.19a, for orchestra (11’32’’)
Miklos Rozsa (1907-1995): Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song, for violin and orchestra op.4 (9’54’’)
ebay auction

Charles de Beriot (1802-1870): Violin concerto No.2 op.32
Henri-Jacques de Croes (1705-1786): Concerto secundo in B minor, for violin and orchestra
Georges Lonque (1900-1967): Violin concerto op.40
Auguste de Boeck (1865-1937): Violin concerto
Henri Vieuxtemps (1820-1881): Fantasia – Appassionata op.35, for violin and orchestra
Henri-Jacques de Croes (1705-1786): Violin concerto No.6 in B flat minor
Henri-Jacques de Croes (1705-1786): Adagio (from Violin concerto No.5)
Charles de Beriot (1802-1870): Violin concerto No.6 op.70
Georges Lonque (1900-1967): Estrella op.37, for violin and orchestra
Henri Vieuxtemps (1820-1881): Fantaisie caprice op.11, for violin and orchestra
Henri Vieuxtemps (1820-1881): Romance No.1 op.40, for violin and orchestra
ebay auction


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Re: Rare LP sell on ebay till 27-July-2008
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2008, 08:00:09 AM »
Oh Lord, these unholy non-paying ebay members....  >:(

The only bidder on my LPs did not pay, so you got another chance! All auctions are relisted and start at 1.00 US$. Above links will not work anymore of course, but search for seller "classic_tobi" and you will get all auctions!