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Re: Max Reger(1873-1916)
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Nice haul, and good choices all !


Listening to the sonata op 122 and the Suite op 103a for violin and piano. The latter work is made up of 6 pieces that Reger specifically composed in the dual role of standalone recital pieces or of a suite in 6 movements. Reger always had practicality in mind when composing works, in the wake of Haydn and preceding Hindemith in that regard. Very romantic works, played with great feeling by Wallin and Pōntinen.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to hearing all of it (eventually), and to clarify my previous post, the organ music in question is on Naxos. That CPO looks nice too, but I think I'm going to hold off on any more Reger for now until I can assimilate my recent acquisitions.