Author Topic: "Rarities of Piano Music" from the Husum Festival (on Danacord)  (Read 2691 times)

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Browsing at MDT, I stumbled across what looks like an amazing series of live recordings on Danacord--at least 16 volumes that I can determine--of pianists at the Husum Festival in Germany.  Danacord has been recording music from this festival since 1989, releasing a CD from the festival every year.  Here is a review of some of them on MusicWeb.  Has anyone heard any of them? 

And here are the contents of Vol. 1 (cover below) on MDT.  Frankly, given the pianists and the repertoire, this looks like a "just buy all of them" proposition, but just curious if anyone has heard any and can recommend individual releases.

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Re: "Rarities of Piano Music" from the Husum Festival (on Danacord)
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I have volume 10 and can very much recommend it. Deliciously obscure repertoire for the most part and no-routine performances.