Author Topic: Is it worth it?  (Read 8375 times)

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Re: Is it worth it?
« Reply #20 on: May 14, 2007, 05:03:12 AM »
To answer the person who askes, B club is....

Britannia Music site.

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Re: Is it worth it?
« Reply #21 on: May 14, 2007, 02:26:44 PM »

I want the Parsifal, which costs 25 quid, then I thought, well, its better value to get it all!

Should I?

   Just saw your question Michel then you lost me when you followed up with another post and wrote TOO LATE.  I take it you purchased this collection....I hope you enjoy it.

   Personally I like a little variety in my Wagner: some Furtwangler (Tristan und Isolde, The Ring Cycle), some Karajan (Meistersingers and Parsifal), some Bohm (Der Fleigende Hollander) some Keilberth (Lohengrin) to name a few and of course some Solti (ESPACIALLY THE RING CYCLE and Tannhauser).  Its a shame that box set did not include Solti's Ring which I am particullarly fond of.  I have never bought an opera box set for fear of getting fed up of the same style repeated all over again from opera to opera.  (I like to cherry pick if that makes any sense)  Either way I hope I am wrong in my opinion of opera box sets.

  Please report back on your findings of these Solti box set recordings