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Started by vandermolen, August 12, 2008, 12:33:38 AM

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Now playing - Mark Isham's poignant score to 'The Browning version' (Albert Finney version):
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Roasted Swan

A reasonably recent acquisition but only the first listen today;

What a fun score! (don't know the film at all).  I think to the innocent ear - even one expert in film scores - you'd have trouble identifying this as by Bernard Herrmann.  A lot of the cues are wonderfully pastiche -baroque (kind of).  Think Handel Watermusic written for big orchestra......  Then suddenly there is a cue or two which is more "The Mysterious World of Bernard Herrmann" - one called "Clouds" and another "Fire" jump out and then a couple are good old cinematic schmaltz.  Whatever - its a genuinely enjoyable soundtrack and one that gets typically fine treatment from McNeely with the RSNO very well recorded.  There are a whole series of these complete new re-recordings and all the ones I've heard are very fine.  The main trouble is availability and cost - I snap them up if/when cheap copies appear....


Quote from: Karl Henning on March 12, 2023, 04:37:34 PMThe Borodin always—but always—makes me smile, thinking about how I first heard of the Polovtsian [Dances] courtesy of John Williams.

At least I can get this collection on 8-track!  ;D

This reminds me that I knew the cheesy crooned versions of movie themes way before I ever saw the actual movies. Most of them were sung by Andy Williams, I think.

The Theme from 'Exodus', The Theme from 'The Godfather', and the love theme from 'Superman' come immediately to mind. My kids love singing 'This Land is Mine' with Andy Williams at full volume!

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