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Re: What are you currently reading?
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Thank you for the comment. I like Mishima as a romantic aesthete, but Just as most readers, I don’t like his philosophy or political ideology.  Mishima found the post-ww2 Japanese society excessively Americanized, ugly, and disagreeable (How would you feel if Americans start wearing Chinese cloth and using Chinese letters and Chinese military/soldiers station in the land ?).   I find his ultra nationalistic view anachronistic, and somewhat comical. But I don’t see his political ideology in his literal works much. In the realm of literary works, I assume, Mishima is largely a romantic (or hardcore) aesthete while Endo is a moralist writer.

In The Sailor, I didn't find much in the way of political ideology, but the writer of this very opinionated wikipedia article seems to think the whole thing is a metaphor for the American occupation of Japan...:

Someone needs to edit this article and make it less opinionated...

I just started Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men yesterday and I'm about 2/3 of the way through. It's a very easy read, lots of dialogue.