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--- Quote from: knight on April 07, 2007, 11:48:51 AM ---I take it that is somewhere in St Petersburg?


--- End quote ---

Yes, the Cathedral of the Savior on the Spilt Blood, on the Griboyedova Canal.

Thanks for inaugurating the thread, lads!

Nothing of great moment to report, what with all the choirly activity of Holy Week. Worked a bit on White Nights on this morning's bus ride.  Tomorrow I get the music over to the organist for the 22 May recital (on which I'll take Irreplaceable Doodles out for a fresh spin, too).  It will be a week before I can sound Ed out as to when/if either Nuhro or the Magnificat is happening this side of summer.

Longer-term (i.e., after the ballet is done) . . . the combination of a fellow chorister (from Calgary) who has occasionally beat the Pärt drum, and the recent experience of a (not-quite-up-to-past-levels) performance of a plainchant setting of the Passion according to St John, has gotten me thinking of writing a setting myself.


--- Quote from: D Minor on April 07, 2007, 11:40:44 AM ---I just happen to have a picture:

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And if one looks very carefully in the background, one can see the bus that Karl rode in as he composed the majority of Out in the Sun (,764.1230.html) .  This bus was taken apart piece by piece and shipped to "The Pulse" where it was reconstructed and now serves as Karl's St. Petersburg connection. :)  He would of taken the cathedral, but Harry needed it to store his new shipment of cds. ;D

Some behind the scenes shots, an a GMG exclusive granted by Karl:

Shot of the inside of Karl's bus:

Shot of the outside:

(I hope Andy doesn't mind that I borrowed his guitar for this tour . . . .)

After the ballet is done, Ed Broms will have me compose a setting of the St John Passion for Good Friday next year.


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