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k a rl h e nn i ng:
Had a good Triad Repertory Committee mtg (via Google Meet). The piece of mine I'm offering is indeed the Sanctus from the Op. 106 Mass, which hasn't yet been sung. Its chromaticism will require rehearsal. Atop the traditional challenges ("not too much sacred music," "Is there too much slow music?") we must keep in mind the result from a post-concert survey, that the singers felt we didn't have quite enough rehearsal time for the music.

k a rl h e nn i ng:
The future of the Henning Ensemble has become somewhat uncertain. Our violinist needs a sabbatical, which needs to be a bit open-ended. And fellow composer and hornist Pam Marshall is about to spend some weeks in Portugal, exploring the possibility of moving there.

We are beginning to think more seriously about recruiting new members.

We have an October date at King's Chapel and are starting to assemble a program. We've also got a date at the Woburn Public Library to repeat the program that same week.


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