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In the previous forum, we had two wine threads (white & red) - I'd like to just start a 'new thread' on wine - links to the previous threads are: Red Wine & White Wine.

These previous threads included wine recommendations, book suggestions, travel to wine areas, and many other various comments - so, please contribute -  8) :D

bwv 1080:
So what are some good $10 wines?

Montes Malbec and Cabernet is about all I buy these days given that it seems I have to spend three times as much to get something materially better

david johnson:
red gives me an immediate allergic headache...white, i don't really like...but i love and can drink rosé/blush w/o problems!


Can we discuss brandy and cognac on this thread?


--- Quote from: D Minor on April 08, 2007, 02:27:24 AM ---Can we discuss brandy and cognac on this thread?

--- End quote ---

Howdy D minor,

We've usually discussed only wine in the wine thread and all other libations in the 'what are you drinking thread'.  I think that works out pretty well. 




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