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Talking with Premont (thanks for the list  :)) on the Brandenburg Concertos the other day, a thread on Bach's music for chamber orchestra seemed a good idea!

I need some new Brandenburgs - what are your favourites?
I have currently Harnoncourt's second recording:

Put please post also favourites of the orchestral suites and solo concertos!


My favourite Brandenburg is by the Linde Consort (Virgin Classics). Sublime! It includes some really delightful flute playing by H-M Linde, and the performance is more chamber-like than say Pinnock. This is one of my favourite classical CD's of my collection. I hope it will be re-issued in the (near) future. It can be tracked down however.

Regarding the Suites, the great version is, in my opinion, the Musica Antiqua Köln with Goebel.

In the Brandenburg Concertos I like Goebel, but also Leonhardt, more detailed, almost in a chamber music perspective.

Regarding the harpsichord Concertos, Leonhardt (with Tachezi in the BWV 1052) and van Asperen with the Melante Ensemble are my favorites.

For the violin Concertos, I prefer the first version of Monica Huggett with Koopman. The second version, with the ensemble Sonnerie has not the same dynamic. In the slow movements of this concertos, Schröder with Hogwood would be a good choice.

Bach Man:
I like Jordi Savall's take on the Brandenburgs, but I have Rinaldo Allessandrini's in the mail, so we'll see.

For the violin concertos I love the Andrew Manze/Rachel Podger collaboration, it has just the right amount of freewheeling, which fits these fun-filled concertos.

My very favorite renderings.


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