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Title: Selling two lot of CDs 65 5$ each CDs & 40$ for each box-set in montreal?
Post by: deprofundis on June 14, 2021, 01:04:24 PM
I am raising a fundraiser selling on June 16, selling my 20 century CD some 40 ishe CDS a 5 each, lot of cd  150$ FIRST LOT AND OTHER LOT SAME PRICE LOT 2, WICH IS STILL 150$  if you pick everything  the box-set are free I am open tO negotionationS and billingual, French, English.

The reason is some of it, pay a credit dept, the second is Modern classical taking to much space, please call me if you live in region of Montreal and interrested, I am paid cash, got no fonctionnal paypal or can have one.Pay in cash what you see is what you get Cash?,iNO check so= CASH GOOD OLDE CASH. please?