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Röntgen: String Sextet in G major


Les frères Francœur- Justin Taylor (harpsichord), Théotime Langlois de Swarte (violin)
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: Purchases Today
« Last post by Brian on Today at 06:53:04 PM »
Just now from Presto
All new releases, more or less, and all except the Schubert and one work on the Coleridge-Taylor (the Nonet), music I've not heard before.
Good haul; I've got to order that Kabelac album myself. The slow movement of the Coleridge-Taylor violin concerto has an unforgettable tune.
The Diner / Re: The Beatles albums remixed by Giles Martin
« Last post by milk on Today at 06:25:50 PM »
Yeah, but it's OOP and rather expensive and, yes, it's how The Beatles are meant to be heard or, at least, this seems to be the case.
I think so. It was all mixed for mono, no? Even until the end? I haven’t listened that way in a while but I’m meaning to. At least I remember liking it. I grew up with the extremely weird stereo versions which are kind of fun. I listened to Pepper’s super mix and can’t say I’m on board. I’m not even sure I like that album. It has Paul’s fingerprints all over it. But the mixes Jr did are a bit of an abomination.
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: Purchases Today
« Last post by JBS on Today at 05:46:08 PM »
Just now from Presto

All new releases, more or less, and all except the Schubert and one work on the Coleridge-Taylor (the Nonet), music I've not heard before.
The Diner / Re: Last Movie You Watched
« Last post by SonicMan46 on Today at 05:45:04 PM »
Not particularly an Eddie fan Dave, but this is my favorite out-and-out comedy from him in that era. I could quote it endlessly still today.

Caught the 2021 sequel - it was worse than Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001) and Caddyshack II (1988).


Hi VS - well, I just have 3 Eddie movies as mentioned so selective - as you, really enjoy the humor in Coming to America - I read the plot on the 2021 sequel and was unimpressed - your comments above have convinced me not to stream the film (Croc in LA was terrible!).  Thanks - Dave :)
Great Recordings and Reviews / Re: The Music of Brazil - Naxos series
« Last post by Brian on Today at 05:15:41 PM »
I've just received the limited edition Naxos Brazil sampler box set and it is clear that the Brazilian government (which sponsors the series) has spared no expense.

The title on the box is embossed (!) in gold lettering, the back cover has a limited edition number, and the booklet contains the full original liner notes in English and Portuguese plus a two page overview of the history of Brazilian music.

The paper CD sleeves exactly the replicate both the front and back covers of the original releases. It's cool to observe that all artwork throughout is by Brazilian artists.
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening 2 now?
« Last post by JBS on Today at 04:43:26 PM »
The Fourth, with the BBCSO recorded 9/9/78 RAH London

First listen.
The Diner / Re: Reaction Videos
« Last post by greg on Today at 04:42:11 PM »
Reaction videos are like partially baffling that they exist/sometimes okay or slightly entertaining/mostly not that interesting. I used to watch them occasionally every now and then, they were okay, but completely stopped. I especially dislike "professional X reacts to Y" videos- just rubs me the wrong way, feels very shallow (and even worse, I usually have no clue who these people are). Idk... IMO the person or subject comes first, not the title- feels halfway like a LinkedIn profile when worded that way.

More baffling is the existence of Mukbang. Just why?.......  ???

Chris Broad reacting to the reaction videos to his video "12 Things Not Do in Japan":
Ha. Pretty sure I've watched this one, along with dozens of his videos. I love how his new home looks.
On a side note, perhaps it was mentioned on the site already, but the SA Symphony dissolved in June but fortunately was reborn in August as the SA Philharmonic. My brother played with them for a year some 15+ years ago, so it was sad to see them end, but here's hoping for a brighter future!
Yeah! My parents live there and they kept me updated. The ownership closed the orchestra because they were displeased with the negotiation with the musicians' union and declared the orchestra no longer viable. The new group is a musician-led cooperative - power to the workers, they are calling ownership's bluff - but they lost use of the fabulous new concert hall so they are making use of various local churches.

By the way, loved reading your report about the NSO concert and audience applause. Agree with you. It's a sign of new people and new generations coming into the concert hall atmosphere, which we badly need. And sometimes you just need to clap!

And of course the "no applause" rule is a relatively recent invention of the late romantic era. In Beethoven's time the orchestra would even encore movements before moving on to the next in a case like the first movement of a super virtuosic concerto, or "Mars," telling people not to clap is like a schoolteacher telling kids not to end sentences with prepositions.  ;D

There are definitely regional differences too. The year I lived in London I went to like 100 concerts and never saw one single standing ovation for anyone!
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