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General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening 2 now?
« Last post by milk on Today at 01:02:18 AM »
The Diner / Re: Non-Classical Music Listening Thread!
« Last post by SimonNZ on Today at 12:51:56 AM »

I gave this one play when it came out in 2015 before rejecting it. But recently I've been listening to late Dylan and been recognizing how much his own torchy ballads appearing on 90s albums draw on the Songbook tradition and that its not surprising that he himself acknowledged the influence. So I'm listening to this again and feeling that...yeah, it still sounds like bad karaoke Sinatra.

I've still never heard the Sinatra-parody albums Fallen Angels and Triplicate, and now still have no desire to. Somebody want to tell me why I'm wrong?
The Diner / Re: USA Politics (redux)
« Last post by 71 dB on Today at 12:42:56 AM »
If someone here has an impression that I think changing the US healthcare system is easy they are mistaken. I am well aware of how hard it is. The US has tried to implement universal healthcare system for 100 years and it hasn't happened. That tells how hard it is. However, going to the Moon was hard too, but it was done.

SimonNZ keeps defending corporate media, but the truth is they haven't been the best advocates for universal healthcare, have they? Instead they do fearmongering: Who is going pay for it? How about the waiting times? How about the doctors you can see? Does it make the country Venezuela? They know the answers to those questions, but they keep asking anyway to uphold the narrative. MSM is one key factor in this. It is one lock that keeps change from happening. That's when the "amateur Youtube bobbleheads" come in providing alternate view.

When regular people (of which a large portion are poorly informed politically) have access to news coverage beyond MSM they can understand better the underlying narratives and the real tension in the society. Regular people on the right and left have many things in common: Both want higher taxes for the rich, both hate corruption, both want to end wars and both want better access to healthcare. The current political narrative keeps these people apart fighting each other over nonsensical cultural topics such as critical race theory in schools or whether mask mandates infringe someones freedom. The rich to whom the system is rigged for benefit from this status quo.

Americans need to learn more about the right-left axis. Americans are so mislead with this topic. Republicans call Biden a communist, which is hilariously comical. Even AOC isn't near of being a communist and Biden is several steps to the right of AOC. The most left label to Biden that makes any sense is "centrist", but even that is far fetched: Any politician who doesn't fight for universal healthcare or at least public option are radicals. The idea that it isn't a human right to have access to healthcare is radical, at least outside the US it is. The progressives are actually the centrists. Why? People their platform is very popular among regular people. They represent the real "center" of the population. It is only the misleading narrative of the MSM that mislabels them the radical left to fearmonger. They real radicals are the corporate Dems and Republicans. It is very radical to serve only big money doners. This is what Americans should understand and when they do, changing the country to a better one become easier. How about Nina Turner for president 2024? Hello somebody! At the moment Manchin and Sinema are the real president and VP. They run the show. The only question is which is which?  :P
Composer Discussion / Re: George Lloyd
« Last post by J.Z. Herrenberg on October 23, 2021, 10:55:38 PM »
I am half way through the symphonic cycle and Lloyd has been a real "discovery" for me I music say.

It seems 'music' is a 'must'...  ;)
Great Recordings and Reviews / Re: New Releases
« Last post by Artem on October 23, 2021, 10:53:03 PM »
Linn cd cover artwork are beautiful too.
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: The Super-Duper Cheap Bargains Thread
« Last post by Mookalafalas on October 23, 2021, 10:46:04 PM »
Isaac Stern megabox, $139

General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening 2 now?
« Last post by Mookalafalas on October 23, 2021, 10:32:39 PM »
The George Bolet disk. Playing it twice in a row

Great Recordings and Reviews / Re: Cabezón, Arauxo, Cabanilles etc etc
« Last post by bioluminescentsquid on October 23, 2021, 10:01:40 PM »
First reaction: The recording quality sounds squeaky clean, like a new organ in an non reverberant environment! No sense of hall. This somehow gives the music energy, no doubt helped by Cera’s intense playing, that energy is something I’d associated more with Cabanilles and Bruna and Heredia than Arauxo before.

(Have you heard Ayarra?)

I'm curious what you you think of this recording, on the same organ. I do like the Garrovillas de Alconétar organ a lot, sounds ancient to me and very different from later Spanish organs from the 17th century on. 

Ayarra I've heard and tried to like, very arcane playing on equally strange instruments captured by outdated recording technology - but I think I am also starting to appreciate it.

I think out of all the composers named above I like Heredia the most. A bit more concise version of Correa de Arauxo I think.
The Diner / Re: Last Movie You Watched
« Last post by LKB on October 23, 2021, 09:56:52 PM »
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) with the actors quoted below - just purchased the 4K version when the Amazon price dropped below $20 USD and watched last night - outstanding AV review HERE - can't believe the film is 44 years old!  I owned the BD which is just as good, although more specifics on the 4K improvements are provided in the link. Much of the production filmed at the Devil's Tower National Monument in Wyoming (one of the only six USA states that I've not visited) - highly recommended.  Dave :)

P.S. I had forgotten but Francois Truffaut died in 1984 at 52 years from a brain tumor. 


Four years ago, CE3K was briefly re-eleased to selected theaters which had 4k capability, a chance to revisit a film l've always been enamored of.

First l saw it at the local AMC, and l honestly saw no difference between the new release and the bluray version I'd owned for years.

Then l decided to travel a bit further, to the nearest Alamo Drafthouse theatre which was showing the film, and the difference was quite noticeable.

Moral: If it's a film you care about, the venue matters.

General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening 2 now?
« Last post by Madiel on October 23, 2021, 09:53:27 PM »
Trying to stream all of this today.

Not currently succeeding with suite no.4 because my phone decided it didn't want to connect to my CD player. So watching an episode of a Danish drama instead. I'll come back later...
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