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Quote from: Traverso on Today at 03:02:17 AMGood to see you back Fergus..... :)

Hello my friend.
I hope that you are taking good care of yourself.
Quote from: rachmaninoff on Today at 05:10:04 AMHello Todd ! Perhaps I was too direct with you with my comment ! I apologise for this. I'm the persoon (Belgium...who silly.30 years ago..sold my LP box Valois with the 32 sonatas with Riefling..)

When you're right, you're right.

I feel for you on the Riefling set.  I've thought about buying a used LP set since I've seen at least two pop up, but so far I haven't gone for it.  Hopefully whoever owns the recordings will sense my desperation and reissue in digital format.
Quote from: premont on Today at 02:47:21 AMHello Fergus! Nice to see you back.

Hello, my friend.
I hope that all is well with you and yours.
Mozart: Symphony No. 38 "Prague" [Mackerras]

The Adagio opening of the first movement is crisp, assertive and dramatic with a touch of menace to it. The transition to the allegro section is seamless and this section is taken at quite a pace. It is exciting and thrilling. The conclusion to the movement is very strong.
The slow movement is not too lush sounding but it is full sounding. I like this balance. The tempo seems almost perfect for this delicate and refined sounding presentation.
The presentation of the final movement returns to the tempo and tone of the opening movement and Mackerras drives it along very well. Nothing feels rushed, however, to me; just exciting.
The sound is excellently recorded here and the quality of the orchestration throughout is clearly heard.
Hello Todd ! Perhaps I was too direct with you with my comment ! I apologise for this. I'm the persoon (Belgium...who silly.30 years ago..sold my LP box Valois with the 32 sonatas with Riefling..)
Composer Discussion / Re: Nikolay Miaskovsky (1881-1...
Last post by Albion - Today at 04:37:38 AM
Quote from: vandermolen on Today at 04:13:59 AMI love No.3, an early discovery for me on LP, which ends in the deepest gloom.

Always a treat, just the thing to cheer up another dismal Thursday. I simply cannot take any more CDs as my floor will collapse and send the contents crashing down into the flat below (what a blessing to be showered by Sullivan, Parry, Glazunov, Schreker, Korngold, Dyson, Scott, Bax and Brian). But I still buy 'em and ignore the energy bills that fall through the door, which are uniformly destined for the recycling bin. I must get that Miaskovsky box just to ensure that my downstairs (noisy) neighbours are truly killed in the deluge...  ;D
If I'm not mistaken Tacchino was the first pianist to record Poulencs pianoconcerto.

General Classical Music Discussion / The Wittgenstein project
Last post by pjme - Today at 04:32:21 AM
"The chamber music that was written for one-handed pianist Paul Wittgenstein has been seriously neglected for decades. In the Wittgenstein Project five top-of-the-bill chamber musicians join forces to pay tribute to this hidden treasure and bring it back to where it belongs: On today's concert stage."

the Wittgenstein project

Quote from: rachmaninoff on Today at 04:16:09 AMTodd, bad eyes...its the same recording ! brahms 2 with karajan and....grieg with Kubelik !

You are correct.  The recording I streamed was definitely different (different timings) so I will see if I can find out what it was.  I put this together in December, and my streaming history doesn't go back that far.  Since I was looking to put together a Top 40 list, I will have to listen to a new recording.