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Title: Justin Taylor (1986-)
Post by: Mirror Image on May 10, 2011, 08:46:27 PM
I just wanted to post a quick thread for my friend, Justin Taylor, a Canadian composer and I have no doubt that he will one day become even better known than he is now. He's a very talented composer and his music has an emotional appeal that I think will catch on once he gets more exposure.

Here is his biography from his website:

One of the world's most notable young composers, Justin Taylor is a musician of versatility and great command. His compositions range from solo piano music, to orchestral delights, to string quartets. Taylor really does do it all. Taylor's music has reached from the tip of southern Ontario in Canada to the other end of the globe in Australia it has a universal appeal which pleases audiences and musicians alike. Born in Brandon, Manitoba, Taylor learned the piano after he moved to Mississauga, Ontario at age 5. In Mississauga he studied with the man to have the first variety show on the CBC - pianist Alf Coward (1989-2000). Coward was also a student of Oscar Peterson, another Canadian treasure. While Taylor never got to meet Oscar Peterson, he did get an advanced education in piano and theory. While with Alf, Taylor became interested in composition and composed his first piano piece at age 10. He also studied trumpet and theory at Loyola school, mainly with instructor Kevin Harkin (2000-2003). 

His first mature compositions were premiered in Poland at a private recital (Piano Sonata Nos. 1 & 2). The recital was a huge success and numerous performances followed, both chamber and orchestral. Taylor's first Canadian premiere was given by the Brampton Symphony Orchestra, who performed "Prelude No. 2" in an orchestral arrangement by music director and conductor Robert Raines. The performance earned Taylor a standing ovation and much praise after the premiere. Since then, he has had works performed at various new music and classical music festivals including Beethovenfest in Bonn, Germany, as well as having works premiered by orchestras and performers all around the globe.

Thousands have gravitated towards Taylor's music and his music is becoming more and more popular with each coming year, earning ears all over the world. Taylor has also written compositions for heavyweights in the classical music world such as Helene Grimaud, and Alun Francis, as well as many amateur musicians and friends. Taylor also has a strong online following.

Justin Taylor is truly an international figure in the world of classical music.

Taylor's music is published and available from Lake of Songs music publishers.

Please visit ( to hear samples of his music. Obviously the samples are computer generated, but I can only imagine what it would sound like with a real orchestra.
Title: Re: Justin Taylor (1986-)
Post by: Mirror Image on April 24, 2015, 08:28:14 PM
I thought I would revive this thread even though it has no posts. I'm really curious as to what happened to this guy. It's like he disappeared. There's still a trace of him on the internet, but he no longer has a personal website or an FB page to keep up with what he's doing. A shame as I believe he had a great talent. Perhaps he had to get a second job?
Title: Re: Justin Taylor (1986-)
Post by: snyprrr on April 25, 2015, 01:01:13 PM
NO!! >:D

There will be no one named "Justin" or "Jason" or "Zazz" or any such thing in this "Classical" Forum.

Justin,... reeeally ::)Justin Taylor no less,... no, that just won't go. Sorry, won't listen to him on account of his non-Composer name. It IS important, you know?