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Opera and Vocal / Re: What Opera Are You Listening to Now?
« Last post by Tsaraslondon on Today at 01:50:45 AM »

I normally avoid Bartoli, but the rest of the cast, save for the rather weak Eustazio of Daniel Taylor, is excellent and David Daniels, at his mid career best, is superb. Wonderful performances too from Bernarda Fink, Luba Organasova and Gerald Finley, but Hogwood, as so often in opera, can be a bit stiff.

Actually Bartoli doesn't  get that much to do in the role of Almirena, though she does get the opera's big hit number Lascia ch'io pianga, a gorgeous piece, which is marred here for me by the explosive way she rolls her r's.

Composer Discussion / Re: George Lloyd
« Last post by aligreto on Today at 01:46:26 AM »

It seems 'music' is a 'must'...  ;)

 :laugh: It certainly is. Well spotted, Sir  ;)
The Diner / Re: Six-letter-word posts
« Last post by aligreto on Today at 01:41:07 AM »
The Diner / Re: Five Letter Word Posts
« Last post by aligreto on Today at 01:40:22 AM »
The Diner / Re: Two Word Posts
« Last post by aligreto on Today at 01:39:11 AM »
Great Recordings and Reviews / Re: New Releases
« Last post by The new erato on Today at 01:38:11 AM »
I thought the expression was la nuit tous les chats sont gris. I’ve never heard it in English in fact, maybe British people don’t say it.
We have it, verbatim, in Norway too.

I mørket er alle katter grå.
The Diner / Re: One Word Posts
« Last post by aligreto on Today at 01:37:56 AM »
Composer Discussion / Re: Rodion Shchedrin (b. 1932)
« Last post by vandermolen on Today at 01:37:23 AM »
One of the best 1sts, right, Jeffrey?  ;)
Oh yes Cesar!
General Classical Music Discussion / Re: What are you listening 2 now?
« Last post by aligreto on Today at 01:34:02 AM »
Morales: Missa Pro Defunctis [McCreesh]

This Requiem Mass is a large scale work. It is suitably solemn and is appropriately delivered here in terms of both tone and atmosphere. The polyphony is well rounded, balanced and delivered here by this vocal ensemble. The presentation has an authentic sound and feel to it.
The Diner / Re: USA Politics (redux)
« Last post by SimonNZ on Today at 01:31:08 AM »
Have you watched Breaking Points on YouTube? They used to do The Hill Rising. Also Matt Taibbi’s “Useful Idiots.” Taibbi and his cohost review the Sunday political shows every Monday.

Dude...this guy doesn't need more quick-hit punditry. He needs actual long form investigative journalism.

Or am I being "condescending"?
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