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Title: Johann Philipp Kirnberger (1721-1783)
Post by: Scion7 on August 30, 2015, 02:53:02 AM
German composer who was also a theorist.  Studied composition under JS Bach for two years after traveling to Leipzig in 1739. He spent ten years in Poland after 1741 working for Polish nobles. In 1751 became a court violinist at Berlin at the Royal Chapel.  In 1758 was given leave to enter the service of Princess Anna Amalia of Prussia, a position he retained to the end of his life.  Considered the most important theoretician of the group centered in Berlin (which included CPE Bach), his contemporaries describe him as moody and cranky, but maintained the highest standards for music.  His writings were disorganized and rooms cluttered.  Regarded JS Bach as composer-performer without comparison.  Strongly opposed to the outlook of French composer Rameau. 

Chamber music
2 flute sonatas
trio sonata 1763
Musicalischer Circul for piano & flute/violin
6 trio sonatas
12 minuets for 8 instruments & basso-continuo

Orchestral works
2 symphonies
2 overtures
concerto in c for harpsichord & orchestra

Keyboard pieces
a whole plethora of works for harpsichord, organ and pianoforte including airs, dances, diversions, sonatas & partitas