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Great Recordings and Reviews / Re: Bach on the piano
Last post by vers la flamme - Today at 01:40:46 PM
Quote from: premont on Today at 03:29:19 AMYes, and @vers la flamme misunderstood the point when he referred to DBK.

So I did. I'm revisiting the Leonhardt/Bach/EMI recordings that I have now to see what I was missing. Currently the 4th Partita that Mandryka mentioned liking, it sounds good.

The first Corboz recording of Monteverdi's Vespers.  My personal reference remains Paul McCreesh's take, and I fancy Simon-Pierre Bestion ridiculously OTT take as an alternate, and if this Corboz recording does not better them, it nonetheless works very well.  Broad, coming in at over two hours, there's grandness and intimacy where needed, and the old fashioned approach yields nothing to HIPsters generally in terms of enjoyment. 
Quote from: BWV 1080 on Today at 01:10:58 PMGreat new album of Takemitsu's music for guitar & orch, along with Twill by Twilight

I know what I'm listening to next!  ;D
Fartein Valen
Sonetto di Michelangelo
Cantico di ringraziamento
Symphony no. 1
Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
Christian Eggen

(on Spotify)

Great new album of Takemitsu's music for guitar & orch, along with Twill by Twilight
Opera and Vocal / Re: Rossini right or wrong on ...
Last post by Florestan - Today at 01:02:00 PM
Karl is right: what composer X says about composer Y might be amusing or not --- but should never be taken seriously.
Quote from: vandermolen on Today at 09:34:09 AMTchaikovsky: 'Manfred Symphony'

A most interesting release as Svetlanov dispenses with the quiet end of the symphony, as written by Tchaikovsky, and brings back the cataclysmic end of the first movement! I think that it's great but Tchaikovsky is probably turning in his grave. I first came across this when, as a teenager...

That is an interesting "interpretation," or editorial decision!  I can see where it could work as a kind of encore.

My first hearing of the work was an intense barn-burning monaural recording from the late 1940's with Toscanni and the NBC Radio Orchestra.

I did not know it until later, but Toscanini had cut the score to make it fit on two sides.  One could argue that the cuts made his interpretation even more intense!

Here is a recording from 1953: the same cuts are there, but the sound is a little better:

Opera and Vocal / Re: Rossini right or wrong on ...
Last post by Florestan - Today at 12:53:20 PM
Quote from: DavidW on Today at 05:33:56 AMMy post about Rossini being jealous was just trolling Florestan btw.  It was tongue in cheek.

So was my reply, David.  ;)
Quote from: Brian on Today at 11:23:26 AM

First-ever listen to this Florestan Special  ;D , which the Sofia Philharmonic plays with considerable spirit. My expectations of orchestra and conductor are exceeded, while my expectation of the composer is completely met. One thing to note is that this work is 89 minutes, presented by Naxos on a single CD (and in just 8 tracks).

Thanks a lot, pal! Wishlisted on the spot.
Quote from: vandermolen on May 31, 2023, 08:10:58 AMAllan Pettersson: Symphony No.6
'The long struggle towards the sunrise'

If the ultimate goal is sunshine, then Haydn and Mozart take you there without any struggle at all. If the ultimate goal is the struggle itself, then sunrise or judgment day it's all the same.  ;D