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Title: composers of renaissance discovery you're missing out on and dying to know?
Post by: deprofundis on July 13, 2020, 04:20:33 PM
How about for this trend the mighty Philipp Dulichius and his 18 motets on CPO  or is cameo appearance on Festive Hanseatic Music? per se, this composer seem so underated  whit his reputation  of being ''Germany small Lassus in skill''?

We all aware of who Roland de Lassus mighty power a Burgundian superman of polyphony,His works never seem to amazed me I got into Job Laments on double LP which is undeniable splendid 2 x LP.

Butt we are here in this vault to talk of composer not notorious, not well know only recently discovered, some composer I or we may not be aware lol yes even deprofundis does not know anything he aknowledge, but did dabble whit Giossefo Zarlino incredible music of Milan.

Let's talk about them, the lesser knowned composer , that should be hold on podium as godz did someone said in old Europa during renaissance?

You know my liking for Renaissance in old Europa deep end, what new under the sun, newly founded composer worth mentioning?