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Title: Music No. 1
Post by: alexandro on December 09, 2007, 02:23:38 PM
Hello! I'm new in this forum and I've to say thank you to many users for the polish music of the XX century that I've found here... I'm sorry for my terrible and basic English but I'm an Italian boy (about 18 years old), a lot in love for classical music. I'm interested especially in modern and contemporary music... I've never studied music but I write pieces particularly to try what the composition really is and to learn alone something.
Please hear this short piece (about 11 minutes long) that I wrote, a sort of Study for a lyrical and "tonal" Adagio, Music No. 1 for String Orchestra, Timpani and Metal Percussion (many types of gongs and cymbals). I think is not a great work (here I found a lot of lovable works written by users) but I like it  ;D.
Thanks! (
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