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General Classical Music Discussion / Re: Purchases Today
Last post by Wanderer - Today at 12:44:24 PM
The Diner / Re: To boldly go ... (Star Tre...
Last post by LKB - Today at 12:38:29 PM
Quote from: DavidW on Today at 11:09:40 AMI think Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country hold up.  But these movies in general didn't age well.  In particular, the next gen movies are truly dreadful.

I can enjoy 1, 2 and 4 with the original cast. I'll occasionally pull up the opening of Insurrection on YouTube just to enjoy Jerry Goldsmith's serenely beautiful score. ( I'm a sucker for any lovely oboe solo, and that one is just the sort l excelled at when l was playing. )
ŞEYH GALİBE SAYGI - YALÇIN TURA'YA ARMAĞAN.  Ayangil Turkish Music Orchestra and Chorus.

The Diner / Re: To boldly go ... (Star Tre...
Last post by LKB - Today at 12:29:16 PM
Quote from: Karl Henning on Today at 09:45:49 AMThe wife of my bosom would not enjoy that scene with the helmets, either, at all, at all.

In other words, both wives might say, " They task me... "  ;D
Composer Discussion / Re: Mozart
Last post by Roberto - Today at 12:24:51 PM
Quote from: DavidW on Today at 11:25:27 AMTo your ears PI sounds grotesque and then like Dave Hurwitz you are blaming the performers for not playing to your aesthetic desire.
I don't want to go into a PI/modern practice debate especially in English but maybe I wasn't clear. I didn't wrote that every PI sounds grotesque for me. If you read my post you may noticed that I wrote that balances in Pinnock's PI recording are almost perfect in my opinion.
Quote from: JBS on Today at 11:07:30 AM

Two one act comedies (although Larmes de couteau is a very dark comedy) that lean into theater of the absurd.

Performed in the original languages--French and English--with excellent liner notes by @SurprisedByBeauty

Thanks Jeffrey (?!)! :-)
Atterberg: Symphony No. 5 'Sinfonia funèbre'

A solid account of this work, although I prefer Rasilainen's more impactful take of it. Atterberg's sense of melody and orchestration is phenomenal.

The Diner / Re: Last Movie You Watched
Last post by San Antone - Today at 11:49:41 AM
A Fish Called Wanda
Two Lane Blacktop

I guess they are arthouse?
Composer Discussion / Re: Mozart
Last post by San Antone - Today at 11:47:10 AM
I echo the praise for Pinnock, Böhm, and Hogwood.  I also want to mention a set that only has four symphonies, but also has some concertos and sonatas.

Jos Van Immerseel

Quote from: Lisztianwagner on Today at 10:42:42 AMLudwig van Beethoven
Piano Sonata No.8
Piano Sonata No.14

Pianist: Maurizio Pollini

This box, too!