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Composer : Georg Philipp Telemann
Recording : Septett (Goebel - 1995)
Performers : Reinhard Goebel, Musica Antiqua Köln

Not how I would spell "septet", but it's what's on the CD booklet!
Quote from: vandermolen on Today at 12:46:25 AMMy auntie had that LP! A happy reminder of Vox/Turnabout - an inexpensive label which introduced me to much great music (Bruckner's 7th and 8th symphonies, Copland's 'Rodeo' etc).
Another stroll down memory lane, Jeffrey. Nice  :)
Gregorian Chant [Clervaux] CD 2

This is a wonderfully atmospheric set. Here we have the singing of Benedictine monks supported, for the most part by a low key organ accompaniment. The panning in the production considerably helps with this. The recording is made in a warm and slightly reverberant acoustic which is very engaging.
Composer : Aarre Merikanto
Recording : Violin Concerto No. 4 (Saarikettu - 1990)
Performers : James DePreist, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Kaija Saarikettu (violin)
Composer : Silvestre Revueltas
Recording : String Quartet No. 2 (Latinoamericano - 1993)
Performers : Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Saúl Bitrán (violin), Arón Bitrán (violin), Javier Montiel (viola), Alvaro Bitrán (cello)
Arnold Schönberg
Begleitungsmusik zu einer Lichtspielszene

Giuseppe Sinopoli & Staatskapelle Dresden

Composer : William Russo
Recording : Three Pieces for Blues Band and Symphony Orchestra (Ozawa - 1981)
Performers : Seiji Ozawa, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Granville Bantock: Sappho. Vernon Handley, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, with Susan Bickley, mezzo-soprano

First listen. Sounds nice, very lush, kind of reminds me of an English Richard Strauss.
Quote from: OrchestralNut on Today at 02:33:39 AMSounds like perhaps Kalinnikov and Taneyev could be following next.  ;)

Certainly Kalinnikov. I fell very hard for his symphonies and the sadness of the story of his personal life, many years ago. Haunting and penetrative beauty.

Taneyev, I know less well, but have him very much on my agenda. I'm dipping in and out of Miaskovsky to these chaps in quite a relaxed and organic way, while making progress daily with at least 1 or 2 NYM symphonies. They seem like a complementary mix. Very glad I have begun to take Miaskovsky seriously after so long dithering. I think the idea of 27 symphonies that I didn't know well, sounded quite a tall ask. It has been anything but that.
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Last post by OrchestralNut - Today at 02:35:02 AM
Quote from: vandermolen on Today at 02:32:21 AMThe Mysterious Case of the Missing Alerts!
I notice that sometimes I'm told, for example, that I have 5 alerts. However when I click on the first one, 3 of the 5 mysteriously disappear into cyber-space. No big deal but worth mentioning I thought. Am enjoying the new site however.

This would happen if you have multiple likes or replies within the same post/thread.