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Title: Richard Flury [1918-1987] - Swiss Romantic
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Later this month, Toccata is releasing Chris Walton's biography on this composer:

Table of Contents:

Introduction: A Man in a Hurry Acknowledgements
1 First Musical Endeavours
2 High-School Music
3 War and Muses
4 Counterpoint in Bern
5 Geneva
6 Flury the ‘Marxist’
7 Back to the Grind
8 The First Symphony
9 Needles and Knives
10 A Carnival Symphony
11 The Flury Festival and Eine florentinische Tragödie
12 Spreading his Wings
13 Life without Lily
14 Enter Rita
15 Politics Intrude
16 Of Forests and Chambers
17 Three Saints in One Act
18 Forever Young?
19 The Art of the Confectioner
20 Romantic at Heart
21 Naughty but Nice
Appendix: Catalogue of Works (Abbreviations / Operas / Ballets / Festspiele / Incidental Music / Orchestral Works / Concertos / Music for Wind Band or Brass Band / Chamber Music and Works for Solo Violin / Piano Works / Organ Works / Choral Works with Accompaniment / Choral Works a cappella / Songs for Voice and Ensemble or Orchestra / Songs for Voice and Piano / Arrangements / Writings)
Index of Flury’s Works
General Index

This will include the definitive works list.
There is no entry on this fine "throwback" in The New Grove.

Flury published his "Life Memories" in 1950.
"My Confessions of Musical Romanticism" followed in 1953.

Incomplete Works List patched together from here and there:

      Orchestral                                                                                Chamber
==============================                       ==========================
1911:      Concert Overture No.1                                                   Quartett: 4 Hörner de chasse (1954)
1912:      Overture No.2
                Concert Waltz No.1 for orchestra                                    String Quartet Nr.1  (1926)
                Cantata for school choir and orchestra                            String Quartet Nr.2  (1929)
1913:      Overture No.3                                                                String Quartet Nr.3  (1938)
                Overture “Tarquinius”                                                    String Quartet Nr.4  (1940)
1914:      Concert Waltz No.2 for orchestra                                      String Quartet Nr.5  (1955)
1915:      Overture “Albert Lavarus”                                                String Quartet Nr.6  (1958)
                Concert Waltz No.3 for orchestra                                    String Quartet Nr.7  (1965)
1917:      Mass for soloists, chorus and orchestra
1918:      Missa Solemnis for chorus and orchestra                           Octet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon & Srings
                Introitus for tenor, chorus and orchestra                          Nonet for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello & Dbl Bass (1965)
1919:      Overture No.4
1920:      Pastorale for orchestra                                                     String Trio (1951)
                “Ruppigoner Festmarsch” for orchestra                             Duet for Violin & Cello (1943)
                Kyrie for chorus and orchestra                                         Trio for Clarinet, Cello & Piano (1950)
1921:      Spanish Dance for orchestra                                              Trio for 2 Violins & Viola
1922:      “Schutzenmarsch” for orchestra
1923:      Symphony No.1 in D minor                                                Sonatas for Violin & Piano, including:
1924:      Three Folk Songs for soprano and chamber orchestra           Nr.11 in A (1961)
                Four Songs for soprano and chamber orchestra
1925:      Little Ballet Music for orchestra                                          10 Caprices for Solo Violin  (1950)
1927:      Piano Concerto No.1
1928:      “Fasnachtsymphonie”                                                        Piano Quintet in a  (1948)
                “Sappho’s Tod” for soprano and orchestra
1931:      “Weiner Waltzer” for orchestra                                           3 Pieces for Violin & Piano
                Mass for soloists, chorus and orchestra
1933:      Violin Concerto No.1:
1936:      Symphony No.2  “Tessiner Symphonie” in A minor
1939:      Poeme nocturne for orchestra
                Te Deum for soloists, chorus and orchestra
1940:      Violin Concerto No.2
1941:      Comedy Overture for string orchestra
                Overture “Hanneles Himmelfahrt”
1942:      “Waldsymphonie”                                                                  Piano Music
1943:      Piano Concerto No.2                                                       ======================
1944:      Violin Concerto No.3                                                                     50 Romantic Pieces (1949)
1945:      Ballet “Die alte Truhe”                                                                   5 Preludes (1931)
1946:      Symphony No.3 “Buecheggberger Symphonie”                                2 Intermezzi (1921)
1947:      Overture “Adam Zeltner”                                                                2 Preludes (1921)
                “Bucheggberger Landler” for orchestra
1950-51:Symphony No.4 “Liechtensteinische”
1951:      “Weiner Walzer No.2” for orchestra
1952:      “Auguenzauber” for soprano and orchestra
1953:      Symphonic Suite “Altisberg-Suite” for orchestra                      Various songs and pieces for organ
1954:      Ballet “Der magische Spiegel”
                Missa Brevis for chorus and orchestra
1955-56:Symphony No.5
1956:      Cantata “Die alten Schweitzer” for male chorus and brass orchestra
1957:      Cantata “Der Schleier der Mutter” for soprano, tenor, chorus and small orchestra
1958:      Missa in honorem Sancti Lucae for chorus and orchestra
1959:      Suite for String Orchestra
                Missa in honorem Sanctae Margarthae for chorus and string orchestra
1960:      Overture
1963:      Suite for wind orchestra
1964:      Suite for Orchestra
1966:      Violin Concerto No.
                Three Caprices for Violin and Orchestra
1967:      Little Suite for school orchestra
                Andante Sostenuto for orchestra
                Caprice 1967 for Violin and Orchestra
                Two Lieder for women’s chorus, piano and orchestra
Eleven Songs for soprano and orchestra
Compositions for Brass and Wind Bands

" Flury stayed within the bounds of tonality, writing often in a style close to Brahms but with lessons in lightness learnt from early Fauré such as the First Piano Quartet. "

Among his many teachers were Felix Weingartner and Joseph Marx. Flury spent most of his life as a conductor of several Swiss orchestras. A fairly prolific composer in most genres, during his lifetime his work was hailed by such luminaries as Richard Strauss, Franz Lehar, Pablo Casals,   Joseph   Szigeti, Walter Geiseking and Weingartner.
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There is quite a bit of his stuff on YouTube to sample.

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