Thinking of doing a Masters-distance learning. Anyone tried this?

Started by yashin, July 23, 2007, 06:17:20 PM

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I am thinking of doing a Masters degree.  I finished University like 10yrs ago and want to do something else.  I went straight into working and never really gave it any thought.

I would like to do a Masters in Education.  The cost of the complete thing will be about 5000 UK pounds or 7500 Euro and will spread over 3-5yrs.

Anyone tried the distance learning method?  How useful was it?  Is it a struggle juggling a full time job and completing the units?

Has a Masters degree helped you in your job?

bwv 1080

Unless your motivation is the pure love of learning it probably is a waste of time.  If you are looking to acquire skills to improve job prospects, employers do not give the same credence to distance learning that they give to a regular university.  Most schools have executive programs designed for people with full time jobs - that is the way to go.  In addition to the education you can make valuable contacts.


I agree. I was told after I got hired that a major reason I was selected was because my MA *wasn't* a distance one. And I, too, would be reluctant to hire someone with only a distance degree.

That said, a distance MA is better than no MA. But if at all possibile, if you're going to do it, do it all the way.

david johnson

depending on the degree, some reputable (purdue, boston u, etc.) graduate schools offer that schooling choice.  i suggest taking advantage of your area universities.  you could probably get up to nine degrees hours online and the rest on campus...or maybe transfer some online study to a program (get approval first).

my son was able to knock out 9 hrs. that way.  very convenient.  i wish i had that option back when i was in grad school.