Author Topic: Norman Dello Joio (1913-2008)  (Read 1703 times)

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Norman Dello Joio (1913-2008)
« on: July 17, 2014, 08:45:32 AM »
Thought I would add something to the thread on this long-lived American composer and then couldn't find one - so here goes.
I have discovered a really fine score by this composer called 'Variations, Chaconne and Finale'. From 1947, it was premiered by Fritz Reiner and the Pittsburgh SO and is based on Gregorian themes. It is a deeply felt, powerful and moving work, the opening of which reminded me of the closing section of Vaughan Williams's 'Flos Campi' (an earlier work - one of the most beautiful of Vaughan Williams's scores). The other works on the CD make it even more attractive. The Creston work is most enjoyable and I have not heard a better performance or recording of Bloch's 'Evocations'. The other work by Dello Joio that I tend to play a lot is the 'Meditations on Ecclesiates' of which there are several recordings. Any other views on this composer?

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