Author Topic: Is there any piece missing in this playlist of The Sleeping Beauty?  (Read 663 times)

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I'm trying to compile the videos into a whole recording of The Sleeping Beauty. The 22nd to 82nd video in this playlist are supposed to cover the entire ballet, but I'm not sure that it's all there, as it's mostly cut when performed. Wikipedia lists all of the pieces here. Can anybody tell me if anything is missing (including everything labeled a, b, c, etc.)? For instance, I found no. 5a, but I'm not sure if no. 5b (Scène des tricoteuses) is included in the video named no. 5 (35th video). Moreover, some videos are titled "no. 2" instead of "no. 2a" and "no. 2b". Here are the pieces which it is not explicitly stated that they are included:

No. 2a and 2b (might be conglomerated into no. 2)
No. 4a, 4b and 4c (might be conglomerated into no. 4)
No. 5-a and 5-b
No. 9a, 9b, 9c (might be conglomerated into no. 9)
No. 10-a and 10-b
No. 14-a and 14-b
No. 15d and 15e

Are they missing, or just incorporated into other videos?

(Quite obviously, no. 27 and 29 are missing entirely from the playlist)

In addition, there is an introduction to no. 3, which is not listed on Wikipedia, rendering the total number of movements to be 9 instead of 8. Also, no. 13 is divided into 13a and 13b, and no. 26 into 26a and 26b, which is not the case on Wikipedia. What is up with that?

Sorry for bad English.

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Re: Is there any piece missing in this playlist of The Sleeping Beauty?
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I cannot help you. But maybe this link will give more information:

Bonne chance.