Do you listen by album, or by individual work?

Started by clarity82, April 29, 2022, 12:31:01 PM

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North Star

Depends, sometimes I listen by album, sometimes by work. Solo piano (or other solo instrument) and song albums in particular are frequently constructed to function as a concert program, and then it makes sense to listen to them all the way through, but I'm not averse to picking and choosing things, particularly on further listening occasions, or if I just want to hear a particular work from a recording, maybe as part of a playlist I construct for myself.

Quote from: vandermolen on April 30, 2022, 01:33:10 AMFor example at the moment I'm listening to a 'British Music Collection' double CD set of music by Arthur Bliss, in which the first CD contains three works that I like - 'Introduction and Allegro', Cello Concerto and the eloquent 'Meditations on a Theme by John Blow'. So, in this case I will listen to the CD from beginning to end (unless, of course, I'm instructed to HOOVER THE CARPET in the middle of it) ???
That sounds more like a Malcolm Arnold work, Jeffrey.  0:)
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